Pure Robbery, Sans Joke

Hey I know!  Let’s get a fancy bottle and a linen label with all kinds of vague catch-words on it about being ‘true’ and a ‘rebel’ and make a huge fruit-forward, over-extracted, high-alcohol MESS and we’ll be RICH!  And we’ll get written up in all the rags and people will flock!  Fucking tourist wine.  The kind of wine that makes you want to dump your whole cellar and start drinking BEER.  This is the perfect hi-voltage quaffer whilst pseudo-snobbing through the Central Coast Wine Country Lifestyle and dropping “club-members” into every-other sentence.  I had been wanting to try this for years–having read and heard about it and pretty much developing a positive mind-set.  Enough to justify getting my pocket picked for 40$.  I won’t let that happen again.  Oh who we kiddin of course it will happen a billion times again.  Oh, and Sans liè is without boundary. Sans liege is without cork.  And of course it’s 16-oh.

2010 SANS LIEGE Grenache Paso Robles  15.6




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