Make a Statement or Go Home

Dark ruby with pink edges.  Retail is 60$, but discounts to 23$ at a local supermarket chain.  From a negociant in Graton.  No indication on label of blend–wouldn’t be surprised if 30-40% Merlot.  Lovely dusty nose with some fruit an maybe a touch of PMBS and glycerine.  Somewhat thin, but very balanced.  A bit of fruit, not anything of the huge, ripe variety we have all become accustomed to.  Generous acid and drying finish. No massive oak.  Nothing gigantic about it, but no serious flaws.  Very BDX-ish.  Probably would polish out forever into a very satisfying wine, but honestly kinda un-interesting.  Almost boring in it’s balance.  Kinda the LS400 of cabs:  Wonderful and functional, but easy to lose in a parking lot.  Would be very tempted to set a few of these aside.  Would have been a very formidable bottle 20yrs ago, but our palates have all been twisted into expecting something MORE.

2nd Day Edit:  No.  Just No.  Completely and totally fell apart.  As I suspected, all contrived fluff.  A dreadfully disappointing wine.

2011 HAWKSTONE Mertiage Red Wine Stag’s Leap District Napa Valley 13.5


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