Sorry, folks. No labels. Move along, please.

2008 Mcginley Vineyard cab made by Tim Spear of Clos Mimi.  Brazenly extracted.  Staining and impenetrable.  Absolutely the darkest deepest ruby I have ever seen.  Not a touch of garnet and clear bright edges.  Deeply fruited and a whallop of AL, oak, freshness and spice and everything wonderful in bouquet.  Fruit goes on and on and finish sears of tannin and acid with just the perfect briar and weed tapering off…  forever…  This wine is Just. So. Balanced.  The most noticeable thing about it is what a non-event all of its perfection is. The only thing shocking about this wine is how un-assuming the balance is.  It’s like a bunch of 16-17yo boys all shakin their equipment and stuff and a 65yo dude just walks up with a battered old stick and NAILS IT.  And walks away.  This wine really does not suck. The English language does not contain words to describe it.  This is going to be fun to watch for the next 10 yrs.  14-0   ♦♦♦


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