I Hate it When That Happens

Holy wow.  How do you make wine like this?!?  Do you make it from vodka and raisins?  Does this winery have a Cab rosé?  Because that would explain alot.  Absolutely IMPENETRABLE black ink.  Pink AND clear edges.  So young.  Amazing HUGE dark fruit, briar and AL nose with a touch of sulfites and old barrel oak.  So… oh god I hate using this word… SMOOTH.  Whallop of acid and massive tannins take over and finish but shockingly balanced.  15-ONE.  Just an insane wine.  Would love to taste it at ten years. But I would be scared.  Or not.  Can’t decide.  Just huge.  Just amazing.  So young, but pretty mind-boggling stuff.  And pretty.  There’s no way this is not drained off and watered back.  Or maybe drained off and NEVER watered back.  It’s THAT concentrated.  I’m really torn on this one.  It is so amazing it seems wrong.   ♦♦♦


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