If you see "Gary’s" on a winelist, RUN

Deep bright ruby with clear edges.  No bricking.  Strong gym-socks and AL in the nose.  The mustiness somewhat blows off, but is remains rather offensive even after a bit.  Fruit is gone.  But it is not a tired wine:  it clearly never had fruit.  I think this is my first Garys’ which isn’t a pinot.  It is a bright, fresh wine–showing basically no age or polish–it just has no fruit.  Attack and middle just thin fruit and overt acids and tannin.  Really has nothing to crow about.  Just bottled structure.  If it ever had fruit, it was a monster, but something no one should purchase for laying down.  10 mins in, the nose turns to glycerine.  Still no fruit.  I was really looking forward to this.  I can see people buying this and telling themselves how huge and wonderful it is, but frankly it just sucks.  There is nothing in this wine worth tasting and probably never was.  Still, it would have been interesting to taste this ten years ago.  Understanding my infatuation with structure and acid, I might have fell for it.  14-6  ◊


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