50/50 Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum

I don’t understand how this marketing meeting goes:  “Hey, I know.  Let’s make a whole label of wine for you and we are going to call it ‘Director’s Cut’ because you are Francis Ford Copolla, ya know, get it?  Get it?  Director’s Cut?  Haha this will be great.  And we will produce a vintage cab, a pinot, a zin, merlot, chard and sauv-blanc every year with a white ribbon on the label and the price-point will be 20 bucks and then we will make a SPECIAL bottling called ‘Cinema’ –get it?– with a cool black and gold label and price it at 30$ and it will be NON-VINTAGE and half-and-half cab/zin.  Isn’t that brilliant?”

I don’t want to be too hard on this wine–because it wasn’t THAT bad–but the branding just baffles me.  Let me start by going on record as NOT being the biggest FFC fan.  Rubicon, of course, is wonderful, but the Black Label Claret and all of the varietal sisters and cousins DO NOT deserve to be on the top shelf or second shelf where they always are.  4th or bottom at BEST.  It’s all 5$ stuff.  The white-labelled ‘Director’s Cut’ is also pretty boring.  We won’t even get started on Sophia’s bubbles.  But honestly, who decides to make the flagship a NV half zin?!?  Cab is blended with BDX varietals in France, Sang in Italy and SY in Australia.  THAT’S IT.  I cringe HARD when cab is blended with zin.  It really should be against the law.  The funny thing about this particular bottling:  I can not recall the last time I tasted something in which the components were SO CLEARLY VISIBLE.  Seriously, this Director’s Cut Cinema is like drinking two separate wines–they just happen to both be in your mouth at the same time.  There is this bold fruit-FWD new-world, kinda-flabby “aw-shucks” total textbook Zinfandel component and then there is a very distinct sophisticated, ripe-fruit, dusty textbook Cabernet component–each PLAINLY visible.  It is not a horrible wine.  I would not pay 30$ for it.  Especially NV.  But at 60% off clearance, it is priced very nicely.

NV FRANCIS FORD COPOLLA Red Wine Director’s Cut: ‘Cinema’ Cab/Zin Sonoma

The Michael Pozzan was another 60% off clearance and I have never had his more expensive cabs, so decided to experiment with the second label first.  Really boring, and worthy of it’s 9$ final pricetag.  Even at 9 bucks, I am not buying more–I don’t care if it is a 25$ bottle.  Simple fruit, simple nose, a few good things lingering in there but nothing even remotely compelling.

2010 MICHAEL POZZAN Cabernet Sauvignon Knight’s Valley Sonoma Co.




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