If you’re a Koala, this is a wine for you.

Beautiful inpenetrable ruby.  Absolute OVERT eucalyptus nose.  I have never smelled this much euc in a wine before.  Not right.  The background is healthy oak, but euc WAY over-powering.  Thin fruited entry disappears instantly into just mind-boggling tannin which grips and curls and continues into finish for DECADES of bitterness.  Not sure what they were aiming for here, but pretty much a miss.  Totally lacking in any fruit to off-set the structure.  Completely out of balance, and not exactly young.  This could quite possibly be a dreadful wine in just a couple years.  Decanting with practically blender-style aeration subdues the nose a bit an brings it a touch more into balance.   Just SHOCKING tannins.  Half of me wants to taste this in 5 years and the other half says it will be crap in two.  I might just top barrels with this one.  13-5  ◊


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