Pelicans Shouldn’t Fly, Technically.

Breathtaking concentrated Merlot.  Hard to believe it’s Merlot, actually.  I could see a really soft cab in this position quite easily.  Pretty ballsy making a merlot like this with an obscure label.  I could see Three Palms or Bancroft Ranch or Soscol Ranch poppin out something like this or even Markham or Raymond reg or res but Pelligrini Ranch?  It’s basically Mayacamas Mountain fruit.  Maybe they’ve been doing this for decades and I am just oblivious.  Almost nauseously alcoholic though.  Huge down-side–let’s get that one out of the way first-off.  Lurking behind that is a shocking amount of spice and fruit.  All the volatility runs toward burnt-rubber and masks the deep ripe fruit.  It really is quite out of balance.  A very interesting wine to drink.  I keep going back to it, wanting something more, and it pays out–exploding into something huge every time I smell it or sip.  But time and time again, the AL is just way out of control.  It takes over the incredible spice and briar in the nose and singes the hairs.  The entrance is the only place it takes a momentary back seat but immediately raises its head to captivate the middle and finish–which SHOULD be oak, acid and tannin, I can SEE them in there, but the AL just kills it.  This is a HUGE amazing, captivating dense, concentrated, amazingly nuanced and very interesting wine.  If you are going to make MT, make it with some SUBSTANCE.  Well they did here.  Did I mention this wine is milky purple/pink with wide clear edges?  I didn’t check the sed when I bought it, but it has sat for almost three weeks.  I would be concerned about the overt unfiltered-ness combined with the hi-AL.  It is NOT clear.  Maybe I’ll visit this winery.  I’m that curious.  Obviously we’ve all heard of Pelligrini, but where are they today?  I might actually buy a couple more of these.  It’s that interesting.  And if it doesn’t work out, I will have more crazy ammo to fuel my HI-AL wines DO NOT AGE and dump such amazingly heretical theories on you.  It has flaws of balance which decry a stellar grade.   14-6    ♦


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