My Dusty Valentine

Have a couple of these and out of pure boredom, decided to re-visit based on my last opening ‘Can’t Decide‘.  Crystal clear garnet with amber edges.  No sediment.  Nice nose of ripe, polished fruit–nothing overwhelming, just a bit of musk.  Nothing off or gone, not even really tired.  A bit of fruit left–and tannin gone the direction of just fine, bitter dust.  Acid, mostly–when thee fruit fades.  Would loved to have tasted this bottle when young, just for research purposes.  Nothing horrible about it–just nothing wonderful either.  All-in-all a somewhat boring waste of 13 years. A very serviceable wine, and fun to taste, just an old, boring wine where the old has lended a certain interest to the boredom.

2000 VALENTINE VINEYARDS Cabernet Sauvignon Mendocino Co. 13.5


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