Old-Skool Alex

An complete infant.  Clear and non-staining, slightly ambering though.  Heady nose of cacao nibs, eucalyptus and spice.  From past experience, this wine actually drinks better the second day so decanted hard.  Fruit wrapped up tightly in great acidity and drying, mouth-wracking tannins.  Fruit possibly lacking in this balance, but still and amazing bottle and going nowhere fast.  The nose tells of a wine with many years of enjoyment left.  Just a textbook Alex–and why I love this appel more than even Napa.  I first fell in love with Alexander Valley back in the late 80’s when we went on Zinfandel-sorties throughout the area.  Sausal, Mazzacco, Lytton Springs, Meeker, Swan, Chateau Souverain, and on and on.  As I have grown up, and Zinfandel has grown DOWN, the cab has taken the front seat, and this one is def a shining example.  14-5.  ♦♦


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