Moar Westerly Plz

Just in love with this label and this particular bottle pre-dates by a decade the official Happy Canyon AVA.  A fine 2000 CF/MT blend of almost 50/50.  With the obvious exception of BDX of unknown blend, I can pretty confidently say this is the oldest Cab Franc I have had and very close to the oldest Merlot I have had.  And what a great blend.  All that spice and pepper consuming the bouquet and entry, and polish of MT smoothing everything out and lending finesse and polish.  A sparkling clear garnet with clear edges showing just the lightest touch of brick.  Very little sed.  Shockingly young-tasting and vibrant.  The CF just holds this whole package together with an agitated bloodstream while the Merlot fades.  Roasted, dry-rubbed lamb and mint.  There is a bitter note–and I am saying ‘bitter’ on purpose as opposed to tannin or acid.  It def has a bitterness–a crushed insect or freshly broken weed-stem bitter in the early finish, but only adds to the whole package.  Sublimely balanced and again:  no sign of almost-14yo wine.  Truly a very well-made wine with focus on the important things and not initial consumer palate.  A surprising 14-8.   ♦♦


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