Cab from the Bad Side of the Tracks

Medium-dark perfectly clear ruby with tiny clear edges.  Sweet, mint-ridden, weed-eater crushed-stems, eucalyptus nose with a crazy dark-pie jam backing it up.  Just a tad briary, but showing some interesting polish and everything is starting to work together famously.  Grown high in the Mayacamas but just over the border from Napa County’s Spring Mountain and Calistoga AVA’s in Sonoma County.  I am not suggesting you are getting the same fruit as the Spring or Diamond Mt vineyards (ok, maybe a little), but as soon as you cross into Sonoma County, you certainly are not PAYING for “Spring Mt” or “Diamond Mt”.  Absolutely chewy in the mouth with gobs of over-ripe cherry, blackberry and barely-sweetened chocolate.  English-walnut tannins come in mid-palate and carry everything out the door in proud, slow fashion.  This is the second or third of these I have tasted in as many years and I am SUCH a fan of this wine.  Purchased at the now-defunct Twelve Vintners in St Helena.

2007 MAIER FAMILY Meritage Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County 10/5 ME/Bec.  14.5


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