I’m Embarrassed for Paso.

Really cheap lolli-pop fruit-forward initial nose blows off a bit into a cloying sweetness and bad hyper-oak with fruit turning to rotten grapes–no seriously, I know… I know… newbs be reading this and all ‘Rotten Grapes’ haha that’s what wine is, but this is honestly it.  My best description for the fruit coming off in the bouquet.  Just plain old moldy grapes with a hardcore affected spiciness strong and heavy in the background with overbearing alcoholic notes.  That sharp musty spice nuance is far-and-away the best thing about this wine and the only even SLIGHTLY redeeming quality I can barely construe into something positive.  Hard as it is to believe, this bottle tastes worse than it smells.  Go ahead, drink it.  I dare you.  I am SO disappointed.  I had this label on my radar and a few people had said I should try it, and I may still search out perhaps a reserve bottling or a different varietal, but really: if your 20$ cab can’t represent, then… well….
The instant blast of glycerol roundness with a slight raisin fruitiness lasts for a billionth of a second on the tongue before the chewed aspirin just absolute ACRID–shall we call this the finish?–starts and believe me when I say it starts the SPLIT-SECOND this wine hits the palate.  It is way beyond Vit. C.  B6?  B12?  Like chewing an Extra-Strength Excedrin.  I’m trying honestly to think of the most acrid thing I have ever had in my mouth and my descriptors are failing me.  It is *just shy* of eating Golden Seal.  Golden Seal has an earthy herbaceousness which redeems it.   A few people reading this will know to which I speak of, haha.  Oh dear god and each time I go to re-taste this to make sure I am not being unfair, I am forced to SMELL it.  *shudders*.   Listen: I LOVE structured wines.  I love high acids and low pH’s and tannin up the wazoo.  But this is a miserable, horrid little wine with flaws throughout.  Wow.  Was really hoping for something better with this one.  As much as it pains me, this is a totally unenjoyable and basically undrinkable.

2011 VILLA SAN JULIETTE Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 13.8


24hr Vac-U-Vin Report:  As loyal readers will notice, occasionally I will edit 24hr notes into these blogs.  This is one of those times.  Of COURSE the bottle was not finished–WHO could dare?!?!?  Absolute undrinkable dretch and everything I wrote above last night is now times TEN.


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