Fairly Classic SLH Pinot with a Bite

Medium-density clear ruby with pink edges.  Big funky nose with giant strains of AL.  Not clearly a pinot–could be a cold-climate syrah if blind.  Big roasted cinnamon and crushed seed bouquet, along with a bright, edgy fruit of tropical origin and a nice spicy banana-peel.  I can’t remember where I bought this–it was either Whole Paycheck in Santa Barbara or that crazy wine-shop in Salinas.  Salinas seems to make more sense.  PP at the 30$ range, so on the cusp of needing to be heading into serious Pinot-territory.  But this one is not.  It’s *good*, just not anything to get excited about.  Thins out considerably on the palate–the usual suspects of black cherry and a bit of raspberry fruit-forwardness clings to the ever-present alcohol.  Seriously meager mid-palate with tough, sharp tannin taking hold and finishing in very acidic form.  Total middle-of-the-road PN and several steps above what you are going to get in a ‘Central Coast’ bottling of the same price.  I like the SLH-nuances and the nose, I just wish the wine delivered more in the taste.  And that Alcohol.  Kinda flawed on that one.  Label claims only 14-1.  I recommend this wine–with reservations.  ♦


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