Sulfites ≠ Headaches

Really simple and straight-forward historical perspective on sulfites used in wines as a perservative of colour, aroma, and flavour. History of Sulfite Use in Wine

People are generally so FREAKED OUT about things with chemical-sounding names added to a ‘natural’ product and instantly assume it is poison.  While there are a number of wines marketed as *Sulfite Free* or “No added Sulfites”, these tend to be at the… ummm… shall we say ‘fringes’? of the the wine-spectrum and generally are very short-lived.  We won’t even get into the “Certified Organic” label and its relation to added sulfite or the fact a considerable level of sulfites occur naturally on the fruit in the vineyard.  In all of my food-additive books, it is listed as “Low Toxicity” and food safety organizations and regulators consistently advise it presents no threat to health in the amounts which occur in food–or wine–processing.  To give some numbers for reference, anything over 10 Parts Per Million is required to contain labeling indicating *Sulfites Added*.  A typical dosage at bottling of premium wine is somewhere between 30ppm and maybe 60ppm and I have heard rumours of very cheap, mass-produced wine containing upwards of 100-150ppm but I have never confirmed this.  People who claim ill effects from wine and blame sulfites should definitely look other variables in their inbibing.


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