And A Good Time Was Had By All

I am feeling this might be a restaurant-only bottling, as I have never seen it and the name kinda hints at it and the rear label contains indications of–at LEAST a very local distribution and at best, as I said–a resty-only resource.  Sourced primarily from John Sebastiano Vineyard and available exclusively to those lucky few who live within a stone’s-throw of this vineyard.  That is pretty much a direct quote.  Found on the list at the amazing EMBER in Arroyo Grande.  And it fits the resty scene well.  Full and ripe and oaky and drinks quite handsomely despite it’s infant age.  Not particularly pinot-ey.  But enough to dispel any argument it might be a syrah or something.  Somewhat huge and all-encompassing in heady oak and spice, and not alcoholic at all.  Really just kinda crowd-pleasin yummy-red-wine sorta nose with the slightest hints of Pinot Noir origin.  Rich deep ruby with shockingly garnet edges.  And based on the restaurant-pricing, can NOT be that expensive of a wine if offered retail.  Taste generally follows bouquet–nothing really surprising–with full, round, ripe, spicy, vanilla and plum, but with a shocking vein of acidity which makes the cross-over from vague crowd-pleaser to fine food-wine a connoisseur can appreciate.  Soft tannins round out the finish with more oak and vanilla to bring you back down to crowd-friendly earth.  This is a wine you buy at a table of people flying the banner of “I generally drink reds” but you don’t dare break out something with serious cabernet or pinot characteristics.  I run into these crazy crowd-friendly pinot’s maybe once a year and this is the first in a while.  Totally solid, drinkable wine which will service a wide range of food situations, stimulate the newb and interest the snob.  I can not think of a better scenario at a restaurant designed for upscale food for the masses.  14-5  ♦


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