Just Stick to your Pair of 9’s–you’ll be better off.

Clear bright ruby with slightly amber edges.  Slightly off-puttish early aged funk blows off into a weird bell pepper, celery, citrus zest and and dark cherry.  Typically, these would all be good descriptors, but in this case they are just boring, fat, flabby and really not enticing.  As much as I was looking forward to this wine because I hate young wines and it was a 2007, I feel the age has not been friendly to it.  Fruit has gone South, and while it is totally drinkable and reasonably enjoyable, there is just nothing in this wine I can get excited about.  The bouquet is odd and uninteresting, the entry and middle is fat and uninteresting, and it all flows into an unbalanced finish which is completely forgettable.  It is not a horrible syrah, it’s just… well… not… good syrah.  Completely passable–and the special Old town Market is running on it makes it a great experiment–I just can not get anywhere NEARING enthusiastic about this bottle.  All flab and funk.  After the reasonably enjoyable experience I had with the Allusion blend a few days ago, and based on a few friends’ notes, I eagerly sought this out and was all geared up to really enjoy it, but it is not to be.  14-9   ◊


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