Francly, there’s better out there.

Haven’t had a straight Cab Franc in a long time.  Had some heavy blends, but honestly the last time I really drank and appreciated cab franc was over a decade ago living in Sacramento and visiting in the Sierra Foothills.  I remember several standouts very clearly in Placer County.  Madrona.  Lava Cap, and Sobon Estate in Amador.  This one is thin, clear garnet with bricking edges.  Massive, classic funky nose of pepper, burnt rubber, baby diapers and sweet oak–even after considerable decanting.  Meager entry growing into a whallop of fresh strawberry fruit and tart pie-cherry.  Stark tannins grow steadily and wash over the fat extracted finish.  13-7  and  ◊  Miss this grape, and it certainly holds interest by itself.

Next Day Addendum (Vac-U-Vin’d):  Settled down nicely.  Acute funk down now in the mere briar-and-barnyard range.  Fruit deepened.  Feel richer, rounder and fuller.


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