16… maybe 17.

Why do these Syrahs languish in obscurity while the Pinot Noirs get all the pub?!?  Bright bright staining Kool-aid purple with day-glo purple edges.  This wine is SOOOO young.  Raw-chicken, weedy nose with wet leather beg for several more years before an even casually-serious review.  Nuts and browned-butter beg you to taste it, though.  Entry brings on acute fresh fruit and overt acid almost completely masking the Dr. Pepper fruit and road-tar awesomeness lurking.   Absolutely CHEWY tannins obscure everything over the thinnish middle and require many teeth-wipings with your tongue.  Just so unbelievably young.  I am sad this vintage has gone screw-top, as it definitely has everything included to prescribe at least a decade of rest.  It feels totally like a barrel-sample.  It makes me sad to think of all the people twisting these off over dinner right now and saying, “Wow, this is incredible!”  No, it’s NOT.  It is BATTERY-ACID compared to what it can become with a little patience.  These people just can NOT get syrah wrong.  Buy some.  Buy a lot.  Spend your Hitching-Post Pinot Noir allowance on as much of their Syrah as you can find.  Just don’t expect a whole lot from this one right now.  This baby is just way too young to drink.  14-7 and the chops to be a  ♦♦♦ wine, just in its current condition, the ‘enjoyable-factor’ is a mere shadow of what it can be:  Check these out:
2001 redux

24hr Vac-U-Vin:  Absolutely unchanged–a tiny bit more depth, actually, but still bright and full and showing everything it will in decades to come.  Not oxidized at all.


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