There’s 4 or 5 wine bloggers on IG I would recommend this to.

Thin tawny with yellow edges.  Absolutely the most disgusting blend of electrical fire, burnt rubber and creek-bottom peat I have ever smelled in a wine.  Mind-boggling-disgusting and rank.  And it doesn’t let up.  Sat here for a hour and still the same.  How you get this past your nose in beyond me.  I really am in awe of people who do not smell their wines right now.  Thin, watery, meager nothingness on the tongue and partway through the taste, the bouquet transfers itself onto your tongue–more electrical fire and carborundum-blade through concrete and the ghastliest of dishwashing-detergent acid sears the roof of your mouth for a few minutes after swallowing.  Quite possibly the worst Pinot Noir I have ever dranken.  I had some Broadley do this in my cellar after a few years.  Just completely undrinkable.  There is NO WAY to possibly enjoy this.  There is NO WAY to rationalize this into any semblance of varietal correctness or drinkability.  This gives all the ◊’s I have ever given in my life a horrible name.  Is there an ◊-?  There is now.  13-0h and that O stands for Oregon.  Every New Zealand pinot I have ever opened just got bumped up to ♦ .


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