Nothing P’tit about it–Unless you’re from Paso

Clear lightish garnet with wide, clear edges.  Incredible smoky nose of wet gravel, buttered toast, roasted licorice and tar–all coupled with a beautiful Euro funk.  The grenache elements transfer into the taste, bringing dark cherry fruit and subtle garam masala but coding nicely with the easy acid for a rather thinnish mouthfeel.  A nicely made wine–clean and balanced with no flaws.  Bouquet warms and rounds with some air.  Mouthfeel sharpens and acidifies with same air.  Thin, sharp tannin of a light nature bring up the rear.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it meager–for Paso-wonks and 90+ RP-wonks it will come across definitely light.  But for those appreciative of classic Côtes du Rhône and CdP this stuff is SPOT-ON–and arguably more enjoyable for New-World fans–as compared to the Euro offerings.  This is far-and-away the most European wine I have tasted this year.  Not sure if that is what this wine-maker was shooting for, but he nailed it.  And added a flair or California for the extra point.  A touch of AL in the nose and finish–I’m guessing a good solid Rhonish 13-0 plus a full point.  *checks label*  Nope, 14-5, so props for balance again and fooling me.  I wouldn’t consider this a perfect cellar-candidate–I just do not think it was designed for such.  Pretty sure this is designed for enjoying now and for a half-dozen years at best.  I would drink this at a million bistros with lunch.  Restaurants NEED to pick stuff like this up and educate Umericans what food-wine really represents.  This is a 9€ half-carafe at a table all over France-sud and if we could somehow convince the California dining public 2yo 15-0 oak-bomb Cabernets and over-extracted Pinots are NOT food-wines, the world would be a better place.  This is a fabulous wine.  Not for everybody.  Certainly not for everybody in California who have cut their teeth on the Robert Parker system of over-ripe infallibility–but for conscious, awake, observant wine-food freaks with an appreciation for Euro sensibility, this wine is the epitome.

2012 LE P’TIT PAYSAN Le P’Tit Pape GSM San Benito Co 14.5


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