Not a Blimpy Pinot

Fairly translucent, not crystal-clear, medium garnet with bright, wide pink edges.  Viscous nose of a definite Pinot-stature thickly fruited and thickly-stemmed-green-briar with serious forest-floor notes.  Dank and damp like the North side of a tree in the deep canopy walking on fall-rain-swollen nettle and miner’s lettuce.  A high note of caramelized–nyet–burnt sugar balance the earth and slight funkiness.  Taste is bright and clear, while still retaining the earth and funk–the whole time coming off a tad overweight.  The fruit is a strange breed:  The whole thing screams dark-and-brooding while the fruit retains an almost contrived freshness.  Over the middle things stay nice and tight with the dried cranberry punctuated with a sharp acerola layer gradually transforming into chewy, complex tannin of an almost medicinal-bitter nature for ever and ever.  It is definitely potent stuff–but not necessarily in the over-extracted Syrah/impenetrable ruby/over-ripe style troublingly popular these days  and definitely nowhere NEAR over-oaked *cough*Cherry Pie*cough*Bella Glos*cough*.  Nowhere, really, does the somewhat alarming 14-9 indicated show through.  Thoughtfully-made wine, and no slacker in the Pinot-category.  ♦♦


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