Still Waiting

An excellent little piece on one of my favorite subjects which makes some very good points from a perspective many do not consider.  IS ‘robust’ California’s native style?!?  I know THOUSANDS of people who feel we should never attempt to replicate European wine in CA–usually because of one of two reasons: 90% have never HAD European wines (at least any good ones) and the other 90% don’t like European wines.  The other 90% feel all Euro wines have TCA.  OK, that’s three reasons.  And my math is off a bit.  Basically it boils down to the crowd you are talking to.  I am fortunate in that I have built a readership far more ‘wine-dorky’ than most of the blogs where they *review* straight down the sample-list provided by Winery X while 15,000 eager housewives take notes at home, wondering how the “blackberry and leather” get into the bottle.  It also matters which platform you are speaking from.  On Facebook, I would guess a full 50% of my friends belong to the BIGGER IS BETTER school of thought.  On Instagram, I can tell this uneducated consumer group makes up less than 1% of my followers.  Basically just the occasional “It’s Wine O’Clock SOMEWHERE!!” F4F trolls.  But I digress.  My point is:  There is the uneducated “What is California’s style?” and there is the educated “What is California’s style?”.  Two very distinct conversations.  Anyway, this guy makes some very good points–and some vast generalizations–and some more very good points.  Read it.  Twice.  Because he’s all over the place.  Shifts gears a couple times.  Kinda like me.


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