Pinot Noir is like Women

Beautiful translucent garnet, clear all the way through even when deep.  Edges fade to wide pink.  Stemmy, structured nose, dark, wet and gravelly loam and alcohol over a core of root-beer and immense black cherry.  Extremely young.

I just HAVE to start wrapping my mind–and tongue–around the concept of 2013’s!!!  Having a real problem with it.  Got in trouble today because I expressed shock at a 2013 Syrah being consumed and I think the winemaker thought I was dissing his product.  Oh well.  Sorry Andrew.  But back to this one.  SOOO young, the fruit is that young beaujolais-forward variety.  Let me make this clear:  It is only that version of fruit on the taste.  There is no hint of it in the bouquet.  It is deep and brooding and mature and infinitesimally nuanced in the nose, and then in the taste comes off kinda fruit-forward but still not shallow.  It is sharp and acidic and none of the late-remnants of overt oak from the nose translate into the mouth.  A little musty cough-syrup in the finish before it turns into all-out green bitter tannin.

I am loving this wine.  What a great cross-section of Pinot.  All of its early expressions;  All of its middle complexities;  All of its final salutes.  Everything which makes Cab-wonk go, “What makes this stuff tick?!?”  And it is THIN.  You can see through it the whole time but you have no idea what  is coming next.  Just a textbook Pinot.  I have not been the biggest Morgan fan in the past but I am 300% behind this one.  “Twelve Clones” Available at 15C Wine Shop in Templeton.

2013 MORGAN Pinot Noir Twelve Clones Santa Lucia Highlands Monterey County 14.2


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