Suffer Through This One

Clear, almost amontillado sherry-coloured with edges almost pink?!? Reasonable sed.  Incredible floral notes alongside dark, ripe, black fruit and dank old-world earthiness.  Raw eggs and pomegranate.  A slight pruniness at edges of bouquet and follows up in mouth–which is a bit troubling.  I did not note that on the last bottle prob over a year ago.  I am glad I have a few more of these but am going to watch them.  In the mouth:  More mineral and crazy ripe cherry see-sawing against sharp acid and positively mind-numbing tannin.  Everything about this bottle just screams more, more MORE.  I do so love Bandol rouges and–other than the occasional Tempier–they are just so rare in the U.S.  Buy them whenever you get the chance.  This one is just stunning.   14-5  ♦♦♦


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