Another Ballard Canyon MUST HAVE

Dense, fairly impenetrable, staining ruby with bright purple edges.  Opulent nutty, oak and briar nose packed with sumptuous dark fruit.  A tiny bit of polish smoothing things out but concentration almost to the point of glycerol.  Concentrated, black cherry and blood orange in the mouth but instantly competing with chalky, massive tannin which grows exponentially as the fruit diminishes over the tongue.  It really comes off almost ‘unstuffed’ after the incredible petrichor nose promises so much and the entry delivers a bit which is practically obscured by structure.  But no, the fruit is DEFINITELY in there and continues on and on into the blistering finish and I REALLY like this Syrah NOW and it will turn into something amazing in another 10 years.  The fruit is totally there.  Wow what an incredible bottle.  And if you had any doubts about the potential of this wine:  13-6.  Purchased at El Rancho Market in Santa Ynez and you need to find yourself some.

2009 HARRISON CLARKE Syrah Ballard Canyon Santa Ynez Valley 13.6


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