They had me at *Cool Climate*

Bright clear ruby right up to the edges, dark but non-staining.  Big earthy, mushroom-bed nose with a touch of oak.  Bright acid explodes early on the tongue, turning to thinnish bright cherry fruit and settling down to more acidity.  Soft tannins–really quite meager in the finish.

There’s really not a whole lot going on in here, but for 15 bucks, a solid, bright floral example of the grape.  Really reminiscent of a 7-euro Cote-Rotie but with a bit of Cali-stuffing.  Just not too much.  The old-world funkiness of the nose blows off fairly rapidly and there is no question this is ALL California.  Washed out quite rapidly and all you are left with is the acidity of the taste and the oak of the nose.

Not a dreadful wine by any stretch of the imagination, just nothing earth-shattering at work here.  An entirely serviceable Sonoma Coast Syrah for the Price-Point.  I’ve always loved Cline for their clean, appropriate balance and this is no exception.  And quite a value.

2010 CLINE Syrah “Cool Climate” Sonoma Coast  13.5


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