Life: Sped Up

So… ya wanna put some age in your cellar.  Go buy this.  Dark glowing ruby with edges headed towards brick.  Massive eucalyptus, oak and floor–cellar, forest, rental carpet, you name it–come exploding at you.  Succulent cassis and cola.  Vanilla and nutmeg.  And all with it a definite sign of polish.  Blind I would have easily said oh-six or maybe even oh-three.  It really has a complete polish on it–WITHOUT too much pruniness, mind you–like it has been sitting around for a while.  But then you go back and check the label.  Yup.  It still says “2012”.  How can this be?  In the mouth more wonderful mint and oak and a definite fruit concentrate and all topped off with supple, polished tannins.  Intense smoke and leather.  A little air gives you stemmy fatigue in the nose and some flabbiness pops up on the mouth.  Quite an interesting wine.  Clearly from an appellation without a ‘style’.  Not that we’re bound by them…. it’s just… this thing is all over the place.  It actually drinks pretty good RIGHT NOW–which is just plain sad for a 2012.  It’s like, someone took a cab and put it in the pressure-cooker.  Instead of 10 years, they did it in 2.  I don’t get it.  Not a horrible drinker and I would definitely recommend to the curious, just resplendent with flaws preventing innocent enjoyment.  And the biggest flaw is the one on the label:  “2012”.  I almost feel like it is a typo.  14-1   ♦


3 thoughts on “Life: Sped Up

  1. yeah its ad-hominem yada yada but that winemaker is a special level of douchebag. Rumor from local winemakers is he uses all the industrial techniques to create the allure of “terroir-driven wines”. Ask around Santa Cruz and you'll get a polite smirk among winemakers and retailers when asking about the interesting wines of Myka Cellars. Or just go talk to the man and you'll swear off wine, grow a mustache, and begin to frequent beer bars and frequently refer to “brett”.

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