There’s Skeletons On This For A Reason

Rich brownish garnet with amontillado edges.  Intense smokey, burnt-custard nose with musty deep black cherry.  Enough briar and loam to ward off raisiny, but dangerously close.  A spot of AL visible.  Remarkably crisp and clean in the mouth, but the bitter backbone really competes with the AL all the way through.  Fruit is present, but drying and a tad cloying.  Despite all of its overtness, it really feels construed.  Would have loved to taste this in about 2008 or 9.  I am guessing a fat, harsh wine which has managed to use almost a decade of age marvelously in its favour.  Another year and this thing is SHOT.  A fabulous little QPR at the moment–this thing is under 10 bucks at several local retailers and would definitely show well against the usual local current-release cab-based plonk from a dozen wineries I could hit with a 5-wood from here.  Richness and intensity is there, along with the unmistakable polish of age.  But the whole package is uninspiring and dull. Finish heads off in the pruney direction but with enough salt and tannin to remain interesting.  I would recommend this to entry-level winos looking for something of interest to put their usual suspects into perspective–and it would do quite well in that function–but it falls considerably short of anything at the level of nuance most serious wineDorks are accustomed to.  51/18/16/13 Cab/CF/MT/SY and 14-7.  As far as DD’s go, you could do FAR worse.  From Flyers/76 in Grover Beach.  ♦


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