Zinfandel From Zinfandel Lane

Clear garnet with staining edges.  Dusky, dried floral heady with a high note of crisp apple and a little raw pie dough which settles down into a full, round Comstock cherry filling with a fat tail.

This is classic, CLASSIC Zinfandel–very reminiscent of the Zins I cut my teeth on in the late 80’s and early 90’s–before Zinfandel became this horrible anomaly (now accepted as standard) of lofty pH and even higher alcohol.  Anyone who has liked zinfandel in the past two decades WILL BE DISAPPOINTED with this one–but what an eye-opening disappointment that would be.  This is not Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel or Amador/Sierra Foothills Zinfandel or Paso Robles Zinfandel.  Contra Costa County would be getting *close* to a comparison–but they are still fatter in the middle.  This one drinks in perfect Napa Valley Zinfandel fashion.  Hell, it might have come from Zinfandel Lane!  It also is NOT cab!  Another stumbling-block a few people get up against when they see anything in this shape of bottle from Napa.

Fleshy in the entry, showing a typical low-acid but tannic attack.  The tannins are considerably polished at this point but still manage a nice green briar.  Full and mouth-filling, with ample fruit beginning-to-end, starting dark and dusky and lightening back into bright Granny Smith apple.  The tiny prune wisp in the early nose disappears only to return gracefully in the late finish.  And always those tannins.  And no alcohol.  No alcohol ANYWHERE.  I’m giving this one high marks for balance, definition, and longevity this mediocre: things which have been SO LONG since I have tasted in Zinfandel–and this is EXACTLY the way I like them.

2007 CHARLES KRUG Zinfandel St. Helena Napa Valley 14.4

  1. https://www.charleskrug.com/

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