Don’t Con Yourself Out of This One

Bright, clear garnet with slightly bricking edges.  Big chalky barnyard with intensely grapey, almost Kool-aid-ey fruit.  Woodsy, with obvious pepper and tar and an acid bite you can smell with a touch of alcohol visible.  No indication of blend on label, but it would not surprise me if this had Syrah in it–and possibly Petit Verdot.  Round, tawny concentration–but not opulent.  Wonks of big, chocolaty, over-extracted, gratuitous fruit will not be wowed.  This hints at largesse and the briary overtones gradually settle down to let the fruit shine.

I have not had a Conn Creek for probably almost 20 years.  Used to be there, by the river, and then bought out and gone and then back again and honestly have no clue of their current status as an actual winery.  Lost track of who owns them years ago.  And even more embarrassing, I bought this at Bev-Mo.  I NEVER shop at Bev-Mo.  Hate it.  Prices are NOT good and selection is so boring.  I wandered into a local store recently just to ‘shop’ them with no intention of buying anything but then saw this.  It was $35 on their “5-cent-sale”.  And I bit.  And I am not disappointed.

In the mouth, nearly everything promised in the bouquet.  Bright and peppery, with good initial acid, and the sultry, dark fruit over-takes everything into a fleshy crescendo before ample tannin takes over.  I know this is a big corporate wine which has long disenfranchised itself from the ancient label, but it doesn’t TASTE construed and corporate-structured.  This is a really great wine and a bargain at 17$.  I initially pegged it several points lower than the stated 14-5, but with more air it is definitely showing its true alcohol-colors.  Still, highly recommended for the price.

2008 CONN CREEK Herrick Red Wine Napa Valley 14.5


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