The Earth Speaks

Dark brooding–but not impenetrable or miserably staining–ruby with bright garnet edges.  Nose an opulent balance of mint, bright vegetal, spice, eucalyptus, cinnamon, sweet leather and wet earth.  Extremely small production handcrafted wine from Springhill Farm Vineyard on Paso Robles’ amazing west side, all matured in neutral oak.
This is the best wine I have tasted this year–one of the top 1 or 2 of the past SEVERAL years–and one of those rare situations where words can not express the absolute MAGIC this wine delivers.
The mouth does not disappoint, filling and coating instantly, full, ripe and rich with ample acidity and a background structure so chewy but not clawing, overtly dry or stiff.  Not a touch of alcohol visible–despite its 15+.  Supple and elegant all the way through, but with hundreds of horsepower lurking.   Extremely limited and not cheap, so find yourself some.
2010 CALDERA CUVEE Meritage Cab/ME/CF 45/30/25 Paso Robles 15.4

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