Cabernet For The Desperate

Impenetrable staining ruby with basically no edge.  Initial nose dangerously near oxidized but brightens to mere prune flabbiness.  Tannin, acid and alcohol totally visible throughout what I am guessing is supposed to be the ‘bouquet’.  Some cranberry visible over the dangerously figgy and carefully obscured base of mineral.  A healthy dose of cassis builds to fat cream soda which never quite goes away but is completely buried by all the other ills of this bottle.  Decanted hard.

In the mouth a tarry entrance defies the observance of fruit.  Bitter tobacco and peat vie for domination with the seamless thread of alcohol.  This thing has to be 15+ and the end burn doesn’t help.  Harsh bitter tannin takes over mid-late.  Broken stem.  Golden seal.  Wild lettuce sap.  Miserably unbalanced and stuttering.  Tarry over-ripe goodness seems to be the MO here and while an argument could be made for it settling down in 5 to 10 years, the quality of fruit and alcohol vote in the opposite direction.

2012 DESPARADA Cabernet Sauvignon The Purist Happy Canyon Santa Barbara Co. 14.7


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