Dense staining ruby with still-pink edges.  Fresh-cut romaine, bright black licorice and cranberry with a ‘wet-clay-mud’ sort of minerality.  Rubbed-oregano and coriander but maybe a little plum forgotten in the fruit bowl you should have eaten 4 or 5 days ago.  In the mouth, elegant and calm and showing far better than its 10$ pricetag would typically suggest.  You don’t find wines fruited like this for 10 bucks very often.  Deep and rich and ripe with several layers, but def not something I would call concentrated.  Lovely black cherry–very ripe–sweet with vanilla and acids polishing away from the very front, coming in bright and sophisticated mid-palate as the seriously-polishing, fairly-light tannins take over.  No extra points for the seriously beautiful label.

It’s funny to compare last night’s wine with tonight’s.  Both about 10$.  Both red blends.  The Truvee I would guess is Grenache, Syrah and who-knows-what-else but I doubt Cab or Merlot.  The Hedges is Cab, ME and SY.  Both 13-5.  The Hedges has a much smaller appellation: Columbia Valley, compared to the vast generality of the “Central Coast” on the Truvee.  The Truvee shows the far more typical cheap-red fruit profile: sweet and forward and it’s Jolly-Rancher qualities are no comparison to the CMS’s deep rich cherry.  Truvee has far more forward acidity, where the CMS saves it all for finish.  Remember, the Washington wine has almost 5 years under its belt.  For me, while the Truvee represents a great, easy-drinking, very well made red which will prove extremely popular with many and represents a profile of wine I frequently enjoy, the CMS is made in a style this reviewer could drink every day.  I just prefer them a little moodier.  But decide for yourself!

2009 HEDGES FAMILY ESTATE C. M. S Red Mountain Washington 13.5

2013 TRUVEE Red Blend Central Coast 13.5


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