Medium garnet with wide purple edges.  Big funky cellar, cooked fish and bright spice with significant alcohol.  Settles down to amazing fruit and gobs of wet mineral, a touch of wet cardboard and more alcohol.  Dirty cola and fresh hay.  Seriously, though: the alcohol on this thing is significant and obvious.  Guessing 14-7.

I have been a huge follower of this producer since the mid-80’s and consider him one of the preeminent RRV pinot producers.  His Syrah and Cab doesn’t suck either.  Used to visit the winery regularly until they went mailing-list-only in the late 90’s?

Ripe and round in the mouth, fairly thin dark cherry fruit, nutty and bright but alcohol.  Sorry to keep bringing this up, but oh man ALCOHOL.  It curls the nose-hairs and sears the tongue.  It makes the whole mouth-feel come off meager and glycerol-ey.  Fruit thins out a bit over the middle as substantial tannins take over–and the burn of alcohol.  I am having a hard time not letting it deter me from sounding this Pinot’s loveliness.  It really IS quite a nice Pinot… just… can’t wait to see how the AL factors into its settling down over the next decade.

2013 DEHLINGER Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Sonoma County 14.6



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