Marilyn Merlot

Dense garnet with wildly orange edges.  Big decadent ripe fruit blended thoroughly with dry cedar and dust.  An ample green-bean vegetal feathers out into supple, worn leather, a big chocolate-covered cherry and a little alcohol note popping up at the end.

I have wanted to try this wine for DECADES.  Of course, it is the butt of all wine-dork jokes and you see huge caches of it for ridiculous prices and we’ve all looked it up and know the history and the production and still laugh at it, because… well… I mean… come on.  It’s flippin Marilyn Merlot.  You couldn’t make this shit up.  So outlandish a marketing scheme it practically cancels out its own jokes.  So caricaturey it ceases to even be a caricature.

Ripe and round in the mouth–showing an amount of polish teetering on oxidized but with a massive acid bite and round, beautiful fruit.  Tannin begins clawing at you and drags out into the finish where the fruit again turns up and takes control with a spot of heat popping up.

You know what?  I am sorry for laughing all those years.  This is a shockingly good drop.  I am amazed at the tannin, but also of the fruit.  And the continuousness of both consistently across the mouthfeel.  This is not a *donut wine*–something which plagues Merlots miserably.  Probably 2 or three years past prime, but totally fun to drink.  8% Cab.  Rutherford, Oakville and Yountville.

2002 MARILYN MERLOT Merlot Napa Valley 13.5


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