This Is My 26th Bottle of Broadley

Clear med garnet with salmon edges.  Warm and round at first puff, full of ripe fruit and showing cream soda and cinnamon toasted in a dry skillet.  A tiny peep of asparagus and a breath of wet cardboard is completely overshadowed by big briery fruit and Hot Tamale.

This is only the second Shea I have had–the other being a Shea.  It was some time ago but I remember it being far more of a California style Pinot–bigger and richer, with less Burgundian shit goin on.  That is not to say I would call this Burgundian.  If Burgundy were 3 and Sea Smoke is 0, I would give this maybe a 2.  It has a lot of interesting little nuances going on in it a lot of CA people are going to find awkward–but not terribly.  This thing would be a fun drink alongside some of the more interesting SRH or SMV offerings.  Not Riverbench or Sanborn or Cambria but maybe Tyler or Alma Rosa or Caragasachi or J Wilkes.  The differences would be clear, but still fun.  Maybe not so clear?

It settles down into a kinda peach-syrup canning-jar normalcy you can really get used to but on a wet gravel road.  And then you taste it.  Luxurious velvet with a cat-tongue edge washed over the initial turbo-lag.  Acids grab you fast and furious but the still-rich fruit does a good job of keeping up.  A little hollow in the middle for a split-second before a tart pie-cherry fruit-wrap musters all of the bouquet-items and lays them out for the thinnish-bitter finish of Oregon-version tannin.  Seriously, it is broken-weed-stem BIG tannin loveliness.

I’ve had plenty of Broadley’s before.  I’ve tasted them fresh and I’ve tasted them old.  I’ve been drinking Broadley before anyone knew where Beaux Freres was on a map.  This fits right in with everything I have had.  Lovely now and don’t hold it 10 years.  This stuff turns to un-approachable toasted-almond oxidized dretch in under a decade.

2013 BROADLEY VINEYARDS Pinot Noir Shea Willamette Valley Oregon 13.5


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