Bedrocks, Meet The Bedrocks

Milky ruby with bright pink edges.  A sort of warm garden hose nose spiked with cinnamon and nutmeg over a base of blackberry preserves.  It has a certain patina of age built in to it which decries the 2013 label.  Gobs of euc and mint layered into brown sugar.  The astonishing part is nowhere NOTHING screams “Old Vine” as the label denotes but as we are accustomed to accept as the myriad of flaws “Old Vine” typically denotes.  So many ills in a bottle are overlooked in the name of “Old Vine”.  This is quite the contrary.  Bright and lively, with incredible spice and verve.  This is a Zinfandel for both Zinfandel lovers of 20 years ago and Cab lovers.  There is no mistaking this for Cab, though.  Way too much spice and forward shallowness–and depth of young fruit–to be confused with Cab.  There is a candied licorice far too extreme to imagine anything other than well-made Zin.  A crushed wet granite minerality looms heavy over the spice.  In the mouth, an instantaneous dryness overwhelms.  This is not an over-ripe bomb, but a tannic slave to acid and spice.  The youth overwhelms, while a fatty fruit fades against an overt black pepper and absolutely CLAWING tannin.  A campfire smokiness visible in the bouquet carries well into the taste and the middle runs back into the aforementioned warm rubber but almost everything is obscured by the tannin.  This is a very interesting wine and one I would highly recommend to anyone disenfranchised with the *State of Zin* experienced by most in the past 20 years.  This is an old-school Zinfandel through-and-through but not an exactly exemplary one.  My advice would be to check out this entry-level offering and also this producer’s single-vin bottles.

2013 BEDROCK WINE CO Zinfandel Old Vine 14.5


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