Where Were You In 1976?

Nice clear orange.  Clean warm nutty euc and mint hardcore age with fruit headed off long ago into spice-land.  Unbelievable nose.  Rich and round, old but not the lightest bit gone.  Unlike the 95 Tempier STORED IN THE SAME CELLAR–which smells like letting the air out of an inner-tube–this thing has no garden-hose, wet cardboard, nothing.  Clean and bright–and very old and fruitless–but clean and bright.  In the mouth, somewhat watery, but round with, well, fruit.  This is an entirely drinkable, enjoyable wine.  The Tempier is teh gonzo: not enjoyable on any level and will not be consumed.  Going back to the bouquet on the Seb after oven an hour of air, it really is quite lush and fruity.  Dark, watery fruit, but fruit none-the-less.  A slight tar on the tongue and I suppose a certain vegetal quality should be mentioned–mostly in the nose.  Ample acidity throughout the mouth, with a slight bitter-hot finish, although this wine has won the battle in us arguing if alcohol or tannin.  Who cares.  It is a wonderful wine.  Absolutely stunning!  12-5 of course  ♦♦

1995 Domain Tempier Bandol Rouge “11-14%”  ◊ undrinkable

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