My Favorite Daou

Dark, fairly impenetrable staining ruby with minuscule clear edges.  No nose for 20 minutes.  Nothing.  Bland and lifeless.  Tasting during this period gives you bright acid and fairly dense tannin and not much else.  I had begun to form opinions about this wine.  Decanted heavily.  An hour or so in the bouquet hands you decent cassis, black cherry and a definite patina of age alongside a thread of tapenade, humus and lesser notes of minerality and sweet oak, combining into a subdued wet forest.

All very mellow.  Nothing blows you away or jumps out–the entire package is clean and subtle.  This is the only Daou I own.  Tasted through everything a few years back and liked this enough to buy a few.  I suppose you could think of this as Mayote’s second label.  It was definitely half the price.

In the mouth, a bright acidic wash of vibrant fruit tinged in bitterness.  Mouth-filling and elegant, sarsaparilla and a stemminess defying this taster’s impression of many many ill-conceived Paso Syrahs.  The Cab element definitely shows and, since at 35% I feel it is noteworthy: it ALSO does not show the trademark of many many failed attempts at Cab by Paso wineries.  Tannin still extremely green on this one.  This wine does not stun or boggle, but it is a really REALLY good, quality bottle of wine, showing restraint, acidity and balance while shyly flashing incredible depth.  Do I sound surprised?  A little.

2007 DAOU ‘Celestus’ Syrah/Cabernet Paso Robles  13.7


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