Bernie or The Donald?

Light garnet out to wide tawny edges.  A harsh bitter-smelling funk, chemically and lurid blows off into ripe, rich, rather flabby fruit.  Definitely Pinot, but not exactly cutting a polished rug.

I had been meaning to try this for some time.  It has lingered at severely discounted prices FOREVER and the label was just so vague and horrible, I assumed the contents would be the same.  And Napa Pinot.  Not exactly a rousing varietal endorsement.

In the mouth, the same bitter vegetal translates easily and readily, and the flabby fruit becomes a very over-ripe, tired veil of near-oxidation.  Only in the finish does amazing Pinot fruit on par with Carneros or RRV pop its head up and say hello.  Unfortunately, this wonderfulness is cut short by blistering heat.  This would be a near-perfect Thanksgiving wine.  Awkward and off-puttish but strangely enticing in its familiarity, settling in to warm comfortablility and wrapping up with deep-seated issues.  Sad and demented, but social.

2010 Monticello Presidential Pinot Noir Napa County  13.8


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