No Gamble Here–ALL WIN

Dark, nearly impenetrable ruby with thin, slightly bricking edges.  Considerable sed.  Intense mint and French oak alongside absolutely rapturous aged fruit–patina’d to perfection.  A dizzying brown-butter, licorice, chocolate and cassis bouquet.  A mainstay of the market shelves in the SBCwine $15-$40 range, recently several bottles from this label have shown up at various Grocery Outlets for, well: Grocery Outlet prices.  We’re talkin $3.99 here.  How can you go wrong?  Well, you CAN go seriously wrong with many of Grocery Outlet’s seemingly great deals but his one is a no-brainer.  It is drinking perfectly (another SY-based wine, a 2006 Double Down, is drinking flabby and tired) and while there is no indication of blend on label, I am guessing Cab/SY, although it definitely has many of the elements to suggest a classic BDX blend.  In the mouth, full and richly fruited, mouth-filling and voluptuous, incredibly elegant while maintaining a serious strain of acid, mint and briar.  Oiled leather and a piquant minerality take middle-stage as the still-vibrant tannin define the finish and then fade, revealing nothing but rich fruit.  This was what, 30 bucks a year ago?  My job is to talk about the wine, all I can say about the marketing is FIND SOME.  2007 Blackjack Ranch Allusion Red Blend Santa Barbara County  14-9  ♦♦  If I gave points for value–WHICH I DON’T–this would be solidly  ♦♦♦


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