Please Heron Don’t Hurt’em

Thinnish garnet with clear edges.  Grassy, dirty, woodsy, 7-Up bouquet with a peppery note blending seamlessly into spicy oak.  Fruit heads the plum and nectarine direction.  Not a horrible-smelling wine, but green and not refined.  It goes through several stages of opening up–some more pleasant than others.  It has a pond-water stage.  And an oaky stage.  A bright Gamay stage.  Then it settles down into something fairly serious: Loire-ish but without significant complexity.  A half-hour of air will give you something more akin to *home winemaker*.  Oak dominates in the mouth, thin, not-particularly-bright Twizzler fruit makes an appearance before watering down into the very dry, rusty-steel finish.   A very curious wine.  Everyone should try it.

2012 Heron Hill Cabernet Frank Finger Lakes  12.5


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