A Homeric Hymn

Clear medium ruby with staining purple edges.  An initial *clean-ness* of nose with just a hint of briar nod to the corporate clone-droning of Napa cab.  Tiny ‘new-car’ floormat nuance is short-lived in the face of the incredible banana-peel, fried egg, peppermint-bark and volatile cassis which dominates the bouquet.  Unbelievably elegant but refined and subdued.  There is a stillness in its richness.  Gracious and rewarding without ever cloying.  Chocolate-chip-cookies and burnt roots.  Ya know… If I am forced to drink corporate bullshit wines from esteemed Napa producers, THIS is how I want it to go.  Seriously, you would have to be an absolute asshole to dislike this wine.  Late breathing gives a celery-stalk situation which is my least-favorite vegetal nuance but everything else is so concentrated you’d be hard pressed to complain.  In the mouth, nice acidity hits early and tannin is early-noticeable, while pure fruit remains a selective out-lier.  Middle-ground brings in huge waves of delectable ripe-cherry fruit, which situates itself in an impossible-to-ignore place by the door while the finish–heavier on acid than tannins, honestly–takes over.  You keep running your tongue over your teeth on this one.  First to cleanse yourself from the crazy concentration of stuff going on and secondly to search for something more meaningful beyond “yummy”.  The bitter effusive fruit is tinged heavily with conifer forest and entertains nothing even remotely funky or cellar-floorish.  Again: If I have to go out via the corporate direction of *Club of 72* brands, can this be how it happens?  Please?  An absolutely yummy wine I will stop short of calling stunning.  I wouldn’t even call it brilliant.  But oh man what a great bottle of wine.
2012 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Artemis Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 14.5



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