mīrificus mīrificī mīrificō mīrificum mīrifice

Medium golden ruby, somewhat staining.  Heady round root and earth, disgustingly sweet and concentrated mint, walnut shells, Alcohol, tapenade and gravel.  This is one of those bargain wines I discover here and there… this one at the now defunct Twelve Vintners in St. Helena.  Small producers, no tasting rooms, no public representation, and NOT the standard-of-the-industry 50$ for starter Napa Valley Cab.  I totally get the price-reflections on quality and the immense costs gong into quality wine, but frankly am a bit sick of not being able to find Napa Cabs for under 65 bucks.  This wine defies all those issues.  Round and concentrated in the mouth, beautiful vegetal and minerality shine throughout.  I could honestly smell it forever and ever.  Drinking it is one of those situations where you PLEAD with all the powers that be that it does not disappoint.  Drinking this nectar is an experience so unlike drinking most wine, you rather don’t know what is happening.  Remember those drinks you ordered for girls in college which were so sweet and smooth the alcohol was nearly invisible?  This is one of those wines.  The graphite and polished tar of the bouquet translate perfectly into the cedar-shavings and delectable fruit on the tongue.  Tannins polished and soft–that would honestly be my only flaw.  An incredible blueberry-and-dust elixir haunted only by heat and soft structure.

2007 TRISTANT VINEYARDS Mirifice Calistoga Napa Valley ME/Cab/PV 80/15/5  14.1



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