Hop On Pop

Deep garnet with bricking edges.  Heady, ripe, flatulent nose, round, still and nutty with a deep patina of candied fruit.  Silky spice and worn leather, pumpkin pie and alcohol.  I try really hard to get behind Zinfandel every time I open one, and sometimes it is easy–sometimes hard.  This one is a bit difficult to endorse.  There’s nothing terribly WRONG about it, just nothing terribly compelling.  It lacks verve.  It is shy of anything exciting.  Still and round–miserably round.  Fat.  Flabby.  In the mouth, the alcohol burn starts instantly, crowding the pruney fruit and the opaque tannin wipes anything interesting away.  Obese flab dominates, and while it is entirely *drinkable* there is nothing inside making you want another bottle.  And the burn….

2012 RABBIT RIDGE Zinfandel Westside Paso Robles  15-4


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