Fauna Without Much Flora

Brilliant staining ruby, completely closed-in.  No nose whatsoever.  Grasping and groping for something, FINALLY a light candied icing pops up, starting out thin and light, growing decidedly into concentrated wood, earth, cinnamon, salt & savory black cherry.  Decanted hard.  Always one of my favorite bargain IGT’s, almost never disappointing–this one had me scared for a minute.  Could this possibly be my first *bad* Il Fauno impression?!?!  This is why mass-tastings and and quick-hit-open-it-up-and-post situations are–at BEST–shallow and meaningless, and–at worst–detrimental to brands.  Spend some time with your wine, people.  Let it think about YOU a bit while you form opinions about it.  This thing has basically no Sang in it and in the mouth all things wonderfully *claret* come shining through.  The sharp, bright mineral nose is ubiquitous with the entry, where oak and cassis start their BDX-march.  A bit flabby, the grainy dark fruit gaining a middle-foothold on a lack of acid and plethora of tannin.  A beautiful wine for the money.

2008 IL FAUNO Toscano IGT 62/23/8/6/1 ME/cab/CF/sang/PV  14-2


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