A Perfect Field-Blend

Black black ruby ruby dense with NO edge.  Huge beautiful floral perfume, dark and muddy, musky and rife with pomegranate, watermelon and clogging the nostrils with slate curtains of leather and chocolate.  Mountains and mountains of dense leather and chocolate.  Miserably concentrated fruit, dark but spirited, laced with gobs of pie-spice and poivre blanc.  Loved this label for years.  One of the old-timer stalwarts of Anderson Valley–up there cranking out great, low priced wines for decades–way before all the young bucks with deep pockets and New French oak.  Fell in love with their simple, entry-level Pinots and more extravagant Zinfandels years ago–and their cabs have always impressed.  Here we have an ‘Old Vine’ blend of three classic cellar-mates and oh boy DOES IT WORK.  Big and bosomy and blustery, fat with fruit but lively and bright–never cloying.  A teensy little warm-banana-peel flabbiness peeks through late-breathing, but oh man I am not going to complain.  Having sworn off straight Zin for two decades now, and another favorite: Petite Sirah being more and more made in a light, young, fruity style, THIS is exactly what my doctor ordered.  The blend is perfect.  RIDGE couldn’t even have come up with a better translation.  In the mouth, that deep crimson fruit hits hard and fast, coating the whole palate in a dense, peppery, miserably concentrated concoction of not-quite-ripe blackberry, chalk and crazy brilliant stony tannins.  Never falters, never waters itself out, never backs away from the original mission: complete orchestrated perfection and stunning balance.
2013 HUSCH Heritage Garzini Ranch Mendocino Old Vines PS/ZIN/CG 52/38/10  14-6


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