A Little High–A Little Low

2010 Pinnacalitos De Chalone Pinot Noir Antle Vineyard Chalone Monterey Co  14-4
Thin milky ruby.  Big round oaky warm flaccid nothingness takes over after a brief floral nothingness.  Alcoholic and burnt and in the mouth basically no redeeming qualities.  Whatever fruit this thing had is far gone and it is hard to even tell if it is Pinot.  Bitter and acrid and completely underwhelming–somehting a bit odd for this label.  I have had many of these Antle’s over the years and they usually are quite stellar for the P-P.  Not expensive wines and from excellent vineyards in the fascinating and under-understood Monterey County AVA.  Chalone, even.   ◊

2013 Priest Ranch Sauvignon Blanc Somerstone Estate Napa Valley  14-4
A breath of straw.  Huge round buttery almost-CH-like nose tempered with a little grass, briar, and horse-stall.  Big and concentrated bouquet alone–you KNOW this thing is packing a wallop. A pot of chili and steamed chard–I actually had this with BBQ baby back ribs (dry rub) after opening and smelling.  In the mouth, the AL% is hard to ignore–this is a big wine, strange to say about a SB.  I know this is Napa, and this thing runs dangerously into the territory of hi-end fumé, a hi-SS Chard or even Condrieu.  Bright, breen and stemmy, most affectations of CH fall off after tasting.  Sweet and rich, with tannins surging up behind, this is a SB to be reckoned with.  ♦♦


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