Spent an hour with David Wilson last week on his nationally-syndicated wine show: Grape Encounters Radio chatting wine, wine-reviewing, and even drinking a couple of great wines.  A good time was had by all and you will enjoy it too.  Here’s a link:

SIPPIN SEMANTICS:  Wine and Food Blogger Stephen McConnell is never at a loss for words.  And while you may not always understand his quips about Cabernet, Granache grandiosity or muses about Merlot, one thing is certain; there’s a madness to his method. To understand his verbal gymnastics, you must first understand a little bit about Stephen.  There is nothing conventional about the imagery he stirs up in the minds of his readers, and if you dare to let your brain soak up both the words and the wine simultaneously, the experience will be a kind of fermented Fellini.

Give it a listen!  Also on iTunes.

INSTAGRAM: @805eats
FACEBOOK: /eatdrinkCA


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